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After all the hubbub yesterday brought on by the announcement that a TD Bank will soon occupy the space formerly known as punk hangout Mars Bar, developer BFC Partners revealed that a new version of the iconic haunt may soon reappear on the same block. According to the Commercial Observer, the torch for Mars Bar’s name and liquor license may be passed onto a new tenant on the same property. Word is that the potential resurrection would transform the basement and groundfloor under the original Mars Bar into a new project, possibly bearing the same moniker.

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TD Bank’s presence below the Jupiter 21 Luxury Apartment Building is confirmed and a twenty year lease was signed by the Canadian bank. But an apparent agreement between BFC Partners and Mars Bar owner Hank Penza could bring a nouveau Mars Bar to the site. The next commercial tenant of the 4,456 square foot basement and ground space may take on the trade name and liquor license of Mars Bar – if they should please.

But area punkrockers shouldn’t get their hopes up because it isn’t likely that another squalid den of bohemia and anarchy will take residence under a brand new luxury apartment building. With a price tag of $200 per square foot, we imagine a more polished version of the once punk haven will pop up – if any at all. The answer may lie in the fate of the former CBGB’s. Just a few blocks away, the once notorious punk venue was transformed into a high-end outpost of John Varvatos menswear, with a tiny part of the club’s original flier-and-staple-clad walls protected by plexiglass next to a rack of $300 jeans.

Via Commercial Observer