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Civitas partnered with State Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez to work on the report, focusing on potential designs to regenerate the currently derelict stretch of waterfront. With input from the community and the New York Harbor School, the study created designs that would expand the shoreline, adding new areas for the public to enjoy, as well as helping to safeguard against future flooding.

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One part of Civitas’ plan focuses on building up Pier 107 into a lush park, complete with a pedestrian bridge that unifies the existing Thomas Jefferson Park with the esplanade. Just below 60th Street in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge, Civitas imagines a sprawling sand beach with beach chairs, cabanas and public art. In addition to these two projects, the plan also outlines a boardwalk promenade, bike lanes, park areas, benches and expanded greenery.

Civitas’ plans could become a reality, thanks to a $35 million pledge from the mayor to go toward regenerating the esplanade for 2015, as well as an additional $8 million from Rockefeller University.

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