We just caught up with Adam Frank at BKLYN Designs, and we’re very excited to share his newest and arguably coolest design yet – the LUCID Mirror. This awesome mirror functions just like any reflective sheet of glass, except it also has a 3D image of illuminated clouds floating at the top!

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Adam’s amazing light installations appear in homes and public art projects throughout the United States – but we have never seen anything quite like the LUCID Mirror unveiled for the first time at BKLYN Designs. The mirror has a dimmer on the frame that allows users to control the brightness of an LED bulb that illuminates the floating clouds projected at the top of the frame. We love how the LUCID Mirror brings a gentle, natural scene into any room without interrupting the user’s reflection. Adam’s extraordinary patent-pending design hasn’t gone to market yet, but when it does, we think it’s going to explode!

+ Adam Frank