We’ve been in love with Adam Frank’s LUMEN nightlights for all the years that this veteran designer has been bringing them to BKLYN Designs, but we are absolutely thrilled with his new LED version. Frank’s delicate little Lumen lamps are made of stainless steel sheets cut into shapes found in nature (like pine trees), and they cast gentle shadows on the wall. But now each one is even more efficient, long-lasting, and earth-friendly than ever before.

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Like candles but far safer, the LUMEN LED nightlight even has a faint flicker that gives it something of an authentic touch. But the beauty of this projector/nightlight definitely lies in its efficiency. One set of LED batteries will last for up to 800 hours or six months of continuous use, plus there’s a built in timer that gives the user even greater control over its longevity. If you love this, be sure to check out Adam’s 3D LUCID Mirror unveiled for the first time at BKLYN Designs.

+ Adam Frank