It’s been a long week full of rather sad news, so here’s a heart-warmer for you to get the weekend started. Commuters attempting to board the lunchtime train yesterday at the B/Q Church Avenue station in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn were surprised to find service temporarily suspended, but few could be angry once they discovered the reason why: two kittens, one black, one white with gray stripes, were loose on the tracks! The MTA compassionately suspended service on two of its lines so workers in reflective vests could attempt to corral the felines, witnesses and officials told NBC New York.

There’s a reason we use the term “herding cats” to describe chaotic situations. The video above shows how the kittens “run in one direction, darting around empty bottles and other debris, then turn and run back the other way.” Although power was shut off in the area to protect both the animals and those trying to capture them, stranded passengers who offered to help were refused for safety reasons.

All seems to have worked out well, however. At the time of this posting, MTA reported that the incident had been resolved, and train service at the Church Avenue station was resumed with only residual delays.

Via NBC New York

Image: Kaldari