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Curated by postdoctoral fellow Dr. Effie Bouras and Professor Ghyslaine McClure, P.Eng of the McGill University Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, “Considering the Quake” is based on the pair’s collaborative research on the intersection of “the philosophy of architecture and the technicality of structural design.” Each case study project explores the working relationship between architects and engineers that allows different types and sizes of cutting edge, earthquake-proof buildings to be erected.

Projects that will be featured in the exhibit include groundbreaking designs such as OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center and CCTV; Daniel Libeskind’s Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco; and Studio SKLIM’s Hansha Reflecting House in Japan. The earthquake engineering behind each project will be explicated by architectural and structural models, computer animations, hands-on seismic technology, and other multimedia such as documentary footage from Tomas Koolhaas’ new film “REM.” The exhibit was previously held at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada and will make its first debut in the United States on February 13, 2014 at the Center for Architecture where it will remain until May 26, 2014. The exhibit will be designed by NYC-based design firm SOFTlab.

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Images via Dr. Effie Bouras