Hurricane Sandy destroyed and endangered hundreds of homes and many residents throughout the East Coast were forced to leave their neighborhoods due to the rising safety and health concerns during and after the surge. It’s a scary thing to be away from home and not have any clue about what condition it’s in so the Civil Air Patrol, part of the United States Air Force, has stepped in to help create an app that will let displaced Sandy victims check on their homes from above. CAP has been taking aerial photographs of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut that FEMA has used to soft launch the “Check Your Home” app. Simply enter an address or neighborhood and the app will bring up the map view. If there are CAP images available, you can click that icon to view the affected area. Anyone can use the app to check the status of homes and neighborhoods that are currently inaccessible. Hopefully this app can help bring at least a little peace of mind to the many that are still dealing with Sandy’s aftermath.

+ Check Your Home App

+ Civil Air Patrol

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