New Yorker and 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin wants to green his East Hampton home by juicing it up with wind power. The famous actor recently applied to install a wind turbine on his property in Amagansett, NY. If accepted, Baldwin would be the first private resident with a wind turbine in the town, but not everyone is loving the precedent that development would set.

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Baldwin hopes to install one of the same 10kW turbines that are used at two commercial farms nearby, Mahoney and Iacono, on his own property. His house rests on a similar plot of land that the farms occupy, and the turbine would be positioned at the edge of the property.

The windmill proposal was presented before the Town of East Hampton’s board, but has yet to be granted. The main issue, says town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, is the windmill’s height of 131 feet. Worried about the aesthetics of the super-rich Hamptons area, he fears that if Baldwin’s windmill “caught on,” others would follow suit, dotting the Hamptons coastline with giant windmills.

Public hearings will be set up later this summer, likely with endless superficial debates of beauty versus environmentalism. We hope that Baldwin does prevail, and wonder what Jack Donaghy would say about this act of selfless sustainability.

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