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Grzywinski+Pons was tasked by the owners to design a country respite to retreat to on the weekends to get away from the city. They wanted a low maintenance, durable and eco-friendly home that could eventually become their primary residence. In addition, they wanted a detached cottage for guests, or to rent out to defray costs. The owners also wanted to be able to experience the surrounding landscape from within their home and have a private deck on the second floor. Finally, the clients wanted to be able to batten down the home and secure it during any extended periods when it was unoccupied.

The results of the requests is an armored home clad in aluminum shingles with IPE wood accents and sliding doors that close down over doors. Built from sustainable harvest lumber, ICFs and low-e window assemblies, the home has a tight, highly insulated envelope to minimize energy losses. Hot water is provided via on demand heaters to avoid heat losses when unoccupied and radiant floors provide heating or cooling as needed with an energy heat recovery ventilator to supply fresh air. The home also includes low flow fixtures, dual flush toilets, LED lighting, and high efficiency appliances. Windows, doors and eaves were strategically placed for daylighting and control of solar gain as well as to take advantage of the views. This modern and durable home serves its owners and provides a warm and happy environment in which to relax and enjoy life.

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