An ambitious proposal for Staten Island‘s abandoned City Farm Colony could see the expansive 45-acre lot made over into a senior housing complex called Landmark Colony. A complete redevelopment plan was presented to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission this month. The proposed renovation, which would be led by developer NFC Associates, architects Vengoechea + Boyland, and landscape architect Nancy Owens, would turn the forgotten piece of land into a vibrant senior community.

The Landmark Colony Staten Island

The massive redevelopment plan was presented to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission recently by Staten Island-based developer NFC Associates LLC. If approved, the sprawling senior community along Brielle Avenue would offer 350 units of housing, 17,000 square feet of commercial space and plenty of green space. The initial plans call for incorporating park‐like  infrastructure with interconnected walking trails and bicycle paths, as well as establishing a “green belt” around the community to physically connect the complex to the surrounding area.

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Additionally, six of the eleven historic buildings currently found on site would be refurbished – three as senior residences, one for mixed use, one for storage, and one simply for nostalgic posterity. As an homage to the site’s agricultural legacy, the site would also be equipped with a community greenhouse and would see the property’s Potter’s Field converted into a massive outdoor garden space.

NFC Associates LLC is slated to invest more than $91 million into the project, creating more than 250 construction jobs and over 40 permanent positions.


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