The Hornblower Hybrid, North America’s first hybrid-hydrogen water-worthy vessel, arrived in the Big Apple yesterday to start its new life as a New Yorker. The boat — a sister to the Hornblower Hybrid already afloat in San Francisco — runs on a mix of energy from hydrogen fuel cells, wind turbines, and solar panels that all feed its electric motor. The Hornblower aims to book public and private cruises around New York Harbor (think Circle Line, minus the fumes) starting next year, but starts its run in a water parade today in honor of The Statue of Liberty‘s 125th birthday.

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The Hornblower packs a punch with its 32-kilowatt proton exchange membrane fuel cell by Hydrogenics, two Helix Wind 5-kilowatt wind turbines, and a 20 kilowatt SunPower solar array. The interior boasts recycled and sustainable materials including LEED certified carpet, LED lighting, and countertops made from recycled vodka bottles. It will be available for public cruises for up to 600 people after it completes the United States Coast Guard sea trials and certifications.

“As a concessionaire to the National Park Service, we constantly strive to help conserve and protect the parks we serve,” said Terry MacRae, CEO of Hornblower Cruises & Events. “The Hybrid marks a milestone in sustainable maritime transportation. What better time to unveil it to the world than on the anniversary of one of America’s most iconic national parks and landmarks?”

The Hornblower will be one quarter of the company’s new 4-vessel fleet that will debut in New York next year. For now, while it waits to pass the trials, the boat is available for private bookings. Anyone up for some green cruising?

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