The new outpost of popular LIC eatery M. Wells opened this past week at MoMA PS 1, but not to the warm welcome it was hoping for. Instead, the restaurant has drawn the ire of many animal lovers due to one very unusual item on its menu – raw horse meat. M. Wells planned to sell horse meat tartare as a specialty item on their French Canadian-inspired menu, but an online petition and planned protest organized by horrified vegetarians and meat-eaters alike have convinced them to “hold off” for now.

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MoMA PS 1 is known for its out-of-the-box thinking, but many feel that advocating the slaughter of horses for food is still taking it too far. Last year, Congress lifted the ban on killing horses for meat, which is the reason that M. Wells is now legally allowed to sell horse on its menu. Since horses are not raised for meat in the United States, many “slaughtered for food” horses are retired carriage horses or animals that have been cast aside by their owners or sold at auction. Even more troubling, since horse meat is not typical to the American diet,  the USDA doesn’t have the same rules and regulations in place as it does with other animals.

Logistics aside, it horrifies us to think that raw horse meat is now considered a menu item at one of our favorite New York cultural institutions. Aside from horse meat, M. Wells plans to serve other cruel “delicacies” like foie gras.

The New York Animal Rights Alliance America is calling all animal lovers to get involved, and join their protest on Saturday, October 27 th at MoMA PS1 from 2pm-6pm. Find out how to join up here.

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