According to an annual progress report released last week, PlaNYC is on track to exceed its greenhouse gas reduction goals by the year 2030. The paper measured progress on more than 100 citywide initiatives launched by the mayor’s office to meet its targets for long-term sustainability and enhanced quality of life for all New Yorkers. In the last year alone achievements include the planting of 65,000 trees, breaking ground on High Bridge Park, expanding the city’s recycling system (the largest upgrade in 25 years) and we can’t forget the recent launch of Citi Bike—the nation’s largest bike share program.

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“We’ve come a long way since kicking off PlaNYC: our air is healthier, our waterways are cleaner, and we’re building a sustainable future for our city,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The progress report we’re releasing today provides a detailed accounting of where we stand on all 132 PlaNYC initiatives, which were updated in 2011 and continue to evolve to meet the City’s future needs. We’ve made great progress—reducing greenhouse emissions by 16 percent, launching Citi Bike, and planting more than 750,000 new trees. But Hurricane Sandy was a devastating reminder that the threats associated with climate change are all too real, and we must continue to reduce the City’s contribution to the problem, while also taking steps to protect our communities and the infrastructure on which they rely.”

Since 2007, the city has launched several programs and initiatives in support of reaching PlaNYC goals including: the addition of 300 acres of new parkland added throughout the New York City area; investment in more than $10 billion in water quality initiatives; the addition of 300 miles of bike lanes; the launch of NYC Clean Heat in 2011 to assist in the elimination and use of heavy fuel oil; and the launch of an organic waste recycling program pilot.

The city has also made major investments in parks and open space, the redevelopment of brownfields, waterway cleanup projects, air quality enhancements and in addressing climate change. Among the many milestones PlaNYC has reached, it is worthy to note that through all efforts since the plan’s launch in 2007, New York City has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 16 percent—more than half of the reduction target, and is also on track to exceed the 30 percent carbon mitigation target by 2030.

To read the full report click here.

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