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Buckle up, New York, because another storm is on its way. Forecasts are predicting that a Nor’easter is threatening to hit the area this Wednesday, and while it won’t be a superstorm like Hurricane Sandy, it may still put a major damper on recovery efforts. In addition to possibly causing more damage as loose tree limbs still hang on city streets, the storm may bring high winds, rain and plummeting temperatures, so it’s a good idea to take these few days to prep your home now.

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Temperatures will start to decrease over the next three days, sinking down to 33 degrees by Wednesday. Coupled with winds of 55mph, this storm could have an especially gnarly effect on the areas already ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

As if last week’s catastrophic damage wasn’t enough, the National Weather Service is warning of even more coastal flooding and beach erosion. The high winds and flooding could lead to even more power outages, and could deter restoration of the lines that are already down.

An incredible tens of thousands of New Yorkers were already displaced by Hurricane Sandy last week, with 20,000 needing housing help according to Mayor Bloomberg. The frigid temperatures and possible flooding of Wednesday’s storm will be salt in the wounds of these victims, so they city is doing everything it can to prepare for the worst now.

Via ABC News