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The first layer of the project would be a deep canal trench dug around Manhattan’s shoreline. The canal would be lined with shipping containers, filled with garbage, and hopefully sealed to prevent leaking. The team would sort the trash used, only depositing non-toxic, unrecyclable materials within the storage containers. The storage containers would act as a flood gate, holding storm surges back from reaching the shore during storms and floods.

Beyond flood prevention, the team envisions using the floodgates as a way to create a new shoreline for locals. Businesses, retail centers or even residences could floating on top of the layer of shipping containers, creating an off-shore city accessible by boat. [CONTAINED] imagines container villages geared toward the working class, to give them access to waterfront views that currently may not be able to enjoy.

Ultimately, [CONTAINED] was deemed too radical and sadly did not place in the ONE Prize contest, but the team does raise an interesting possibility of creating an artificial reef/barrier to help divert flood waters.

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