The median that stretches down Park Avenue sees thousands of passersby per day, but few have any desire to linger there. That could all change with two new proposals by SHoP Architects and SOM to turn the unused space into a gorgeous public promenade. The firms envision a High Line-like public space with trees, benches and even food stands that could put the “park” back into Park Avenue.

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In a project imagined by the Fund for Park Avenue, the median is envisioned as a High Line for the Upper East Side. The first proposal by SHoP transforms the stretch between 46th and 59th Streets into a lush space for Park Avenue residents, tourists, and other New Yorkers to enjoy. SHoP’s plan also helps smooth out the flow of left-turning traffic, extending the median to create a left turn bay. The extra space would host a line of plants and trees with a walkway in the center, creating pedestrian space while aiding traffic congestion. SOM’s plan is much larger, creating a walkway that connects Union Square to Harlem. The pathway would begin at 14th Street and stretch all the way to 125th.

Central Park may be just a few blocks from Park Avenue but other than that, there is little green space for locals to enjoy. The Park Avenue promenade may just be an idea at the moment, but hopefully the city will consider the transformation in the near future.

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Via The Observer