Many people have been talking about how to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy, but nonprofit design services group Architecture for Humanity has actually gone and created a 5-point rebuilding plan. Their proposal not only focuses on working with local authorities, companies, and builders, but is also dedicated to reconstructing for long-term results, and that means building green. The organization, which has been helping Japan reconstruct many of its towns after the tsunami and earthquakes of 2011, used their expertise to draw up a strategic scheme for how New York and New Jersey could be rebuilt in a way that would make them more sustainable and disaster-proof than ever before.

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The 5-Point Plan for Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction consists of a few simple but crucial ideas. The first is to allow Architecture for Humanity to help existing recovery agencies with technical issues. Then they want to provide design and construction assistance to nonprofits and community centers to help repair public spaces. They then would like to help small businesses, rental properties, low-income housing, and property owners in general get back on their feet. This would be followed by offering community design, planning, and construction support to locals to create model mitigation strategies along the coast line. Lastly, the organization wants to build back green. Now is a great opportunity to replace old infrastructure with sustainable, low-energy, and even recycled materials that will not only last long but could even help communities by lowering energy and construction costs.

Architecture for Humanity and the American Institute of Architects are working together to garner support for two programs called ReNew York and ReNew Jersey // Restore the Shore to help areas where nearly 90% of all properties were damaged by the storm. Anyone interested in providing their expertise and services can contact Architecture for Humanity for more information here.

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