Artist London Kaye recently warmed up some of NYC’s cold, metal subway poles with some yarn for Valentine’s Day. The crochet artist hopped aboard the L train with ANIMAL New York, toting a bag full of red and pink yarn in honor of the holiday. On the journey from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back, Kaye slowly yarnbombed all of the train’s poles and turned them into crocheted masterpieces, sharing the Valentine’s Day spirit with straphangers through her craft.

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Armed with a crochet hook and a bag of supplies, Kaye boarded the L train at the last stop in Manhattan at 8th Avenue. As commuters got on and off the train, Kaye began to crochet each pole with a smile on her face, adding red and pink touches to the silvery metal. Making her way to the last Brooklyn stop at Carnarsie and then back again, Kaye crocheted without interruption – and to the delight of the passengers who watched as she worked.

A master crocheter, Kaye regularly crafts her yarn creations around the city, affixing them to poles, fences and trees throughout the boroughs. The ephemeral installations are often snagged or removed quickly, but Kaye thinks that is part of the magic – to create an element of temporary beauty that can be enjoyed in a particular moment.

+ London Kaye

Via ANIMAL New York