Screen grab from a video by The New York Times

An NYC construction worker who simply can’t seem to leave his artistic impulses out of the workplace has become the subject of a buzzworthy new video by The New York Times. The short film and accompanying article tell the tale of Pajtim Osmanaj, who stays behind after finishing his day job constructing an 11-story Chelsea condo to paint intricate murals that he later covers up completely behind layers of plaster and tile.

Pajtim Osmanaj art work_video2Screen grab via a video by The New York Times

Osmanaj’s late-night works have only been seen in person by a few very lucky observers, because they are concealed behind tile shortly after they are completed. Ironically, the building at 560 West 24th Street, which is being developed by Adam Gordon Holdings and Travros Development Partners, is being marketed to NYC art lovers. The same walls that cover Mr. Osmanaj’s unique creations will be reinforced for to secure hanging artwork and there will be an art gallery located on the ground floor of the building.

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Although his coworkers and bosses may find the Osmanaj’s artsy afterwork habit a bit eccentric, he has earned quite a bit of respect for his passionate dedication, “He’s like our own personal Banksy,” Arthur Zahn, the general superintendent at 560 West 24th told the NY Times.“He just can’t stop himself from painting.”

The artist explains that he finds most of his inspiration close to home, especially in his coworkers. “When we work here we lose our identity,” he told the NY Times, holding up a portrait of a coworker named John. “I was thinking, this is one guy who has a history, but nobody knows that. They just know him as ‘paint guy.’”

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Lead image via a video by The New York Times