The Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) has big plans to transform the garbage-strewn Atlantic Avenue underpass into an aesthetically-pleasing community destination. Nicknamed “Funderpass,” the new plan for the currently sketchy route will include a makeover with benches, colorful art, lighting, and an air station for bicycles. The Funderpass will not only create a safer pedestrian route for the area, but also connect the thriving Atlantic Avenue to the waterfront.

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The underpass transformation will give pedestrians a much more pleasing walk from Brooklyn Heights to Boerum Hill, which is now a somewhat noisy and dark commute under the BQE. Thanks to a $75,000 city grant won by the Atlantic Avenue BID, and help from Design Trust for Public Space, a vibrant new passage that will not only spruce up the walking route but turn the area into a welcoming resting point is expected to take shape.

The idea of putting benches in the passage under the BQE may seem strange now, but once the site has colorful murals and a place for bicyclists to inflate their tires, the benches will be a welcome respite.

Aside from providing a better connection between the two neighborhoods, the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District hopes that a more welcoming passage will increase the flow of visitors between the green space on the waterfront and the lively businesses and restaurants that populate Atlantic Avenue.

Via Curbed