Ayasha Guerin

Ayasha Guerin is an artist and a graduate student who studies the complex relationships between urbanism and environmental ecologies. Her photography, installation, research and writing concern themes of urbanity and the public sphere, collaborative design, community and ecology. These interests once took her across the Atlantic ocean to study at various universities and art/architecture practices in Europe - a journey that ultimately led her right back to New York, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in American Studies at NYU. With a focus on New York City, her research questions the implications that U.S. capitalist land-use values and grassroots activism have for understandings of, and experiences in, the public spheres of 21st century cities. When she’s not writing or blogging about this, Ayasha enjoys urban gardens, vegetarian cooking, vintage jewelry, and organizing pop-up art exhibitions on vacant lots. Follow her on Twitter at @urban_praxis