Last week, a team of expert builders at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester County, New York, unveiled a nearly 12-foot-tall, 100-pound replica of One World Trade Center. The spectacular display was constructed with 4,873 LEGO bricks and took more than 260 hours to design and build. With the real-life One World Trade Center building not set to be completed until 2014, the toy replica is a welcome stand-in for the time being.

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Steve Plate, Director of World Trade Center construction, planted a tiny LEGO flag atop the mini tower to celebrate the completion of the brick replica. The LEGO 1 WTC boldly re-creates the real thing’s shimmering glass surface and spire, paying attention to the details of the original structure’s dynamic architecture. Every five minutes, the One WTC model illuminates in a day to night cycle.

One World Trade Center is a marvel of design and construction that is a perfect addition to the New York City skyline,” said Chris Mines, General Manager of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester.  “Similar to its real world counterpart, our model of One World Trade Center is a beautiful feat of engineering, but with LEGO bricks, and we know everyone will enjoy seeing this new addition to the MINILAND skyline.”

The Port Authority provided guidance for the replica in order for the project to accurately be duplicated in LEGO bricks. Visitors to LEGOLAND can see the replica for themselves within the LEGOLAND center’s MINILAND—a signature attraction featuring displays of re-created landmark locations and buildings throughout New York City and Westchester County.

+ LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester

+ Port Authority of New York New Jersey

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Images via Port Authority of NYNJ/Mike Dombrowski