Lower Manhattan is home to a new baby boom. According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, downtown has seen the highest birthrates in 2010 and 2011. This rise in births may cause issues in the coming years, creating a higher demand for new pre-schools and kindergartens.

Lower Manhattanites are having babies at a higher rate than any other area in all of the five boroughs. Per 1,000 residents, those south of Canal average 17.8 births, while the borough average rings in at 12.3 births. According to Community Board 1, 2010 saw a 12 percent increase in births since the previous year, capping at 1,086 new Manhattanites born.

Peck Slip School is slated to open next fall, but the area will need to push for new schools, assuming that the new families stay in the neighborhood. A survey of families below Chambers Street also found that many planned to have children within the next three years.

If the Department of Education does not take this data seriously, an educational crisis could happen in Lower Manhattan. More schools need to be built immediately, otherwise many kids could end up without desks to call their own.

Via Yahoo

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