Glenwood Management announced last week that Manhattan’s Barclay Tower will become the first battery-based, intelligent energy storage high rise in NYC. The tower will feature the Joule.System™, developed by Demand Energy Networks, Inc., which is capable of providing 225-kilowatts of power with 2 megawatt hours of storage for the 58-story building. This capacity will allow the tower to be more energy-efficient, and not rely solely on energy generated by a central plant during peak hours.

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At a time where our electrical grid infrastructure is aging and showing signs of stress during periods of high demand, large commercial energy consumers are beginning to find new ways to use and store electricity more effectively. Rather than waiting for the rest of the grid to change, Glenwood Management has taken the first steps to usher in the revolution of smart power. They began by purchasing two trial-sized systems in October of last year, and installed one in Barclay Tower and the other in The Caldwell. Encouraged by the results, they began to expand Joule.System™ further in Barclay Tower in April.

“The reality is we need to be aggressive in finding ways to be smarter about the future of energy,” said Josh London, VP of Glenwood Management to the Rock Hill Herald Online. “Everyone I know thinks about green energy; about how they can create a cleaner future. Our work with Demand Energy lets us take advantage of renewables and lowers our electricity costs as well. It’s a win at every level.”

The Joule.System™ has already shown to be a major plus for Glenwood Management. Able to store energy during off-peak hours when rates are lower and release when rates are high, the Barclay Tower is able to better save money on utilities. Demand Energy also keeps tabs on its systems that it has installed for business owners through a cohesive network, monitoring usage through software that intelligently observes price signals and adjusts usage to maximize return.

As a part of their initiative to encourage sustainability, Glenwood Management has added the Joule.System™ to their ongoing efforts to purchase power generated by wind and solar, and to create “net zero” buildings that do not put forth a carbon footprint. For its part, Demand Energy hopes to install more of these systems for Glenwood and other customers throughout Manhattan in order to establish a smart grid that is able to further expand intelligent power consumption.

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