The LEED Silver-certified home of the Brooklyn Nets may soon be getting even more verdant with a lush green roof. Barclays Center chronicler Norman Oder recently uncovered the venue’s planted roof plan, which is described as “a secondary roof with a structural system to hold a green sedum tray system very similar to the sedum roof at the transit entrance in front of the Arena.” If installed, the new roof would add to the Center’s sustainable features, and could possibly even mitigate some of the sound pollution that occurs during concerts and events.

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According to Oder, the Empire State Development Corporation document outlining the green roof proposal says that another roof layer would be built over the current roof, which is currently emblazoned with a giant Barclays logo. The secondary roof would be made up of a structural system that holds a tray for soil, which would be planted with leafy sedum plants.

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The green roof would span almost the entire area of the current roof, which is around 130,000 square feet, making it one of the largest green roofs in New York City.  A green roof that size could save the arena substantially on energy costs and would also help soak up rainwater. An even bigger benefit could be sound insulation. Locals have been complaining of bass leaking from the stadium during certain concerts, and the implementation of a green roof could help contain the noise.

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Oder says the roof could begin construction some time this year if approved, making the stadium even greener – literally.

Via Nets Daily