Fans at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center can indulge in a range of culinary delights, but thanks to Mayor Bloomberg’s new soda ban, they’ll be washing their food down with smaller (16 oz.) cups of soda. Although the actual large soda ban doesn’t take effect until next March, Barclays volunteered to be the first arena in the city to enact the plan when it opened last Friday. With the new limitations, we wonder if arena-goers will opt for larger sized healthier drinks or if they’ll simply wait in line each time they want a refill.

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Until the new ban was introduced, the average soda size at arenas like the Barclays Center weighed in at 32 ounces, which adds up to around 400 calories. At 16 ounces, the soft drinks offered at Barclays are at least half the size of what customers are used to. However, fans can still get their hands on 20 ounce bottles of water or 24 ounce cups of beer. Larger bottles of diet soda are sold in the stands during sports games, but big versions of the sugary stuff will be nowhere to be found.

Some resourceful fans this past weekend were seen double-fisting the 16 ounce sodas on offer, refusing to give up their intake but unwilling to leave their seats mid-program. Others waited in line for their second and third 16 ouncers.

The cut in sugary drinks may seem a little unbalanced, as fans can nosh on giant slices of New York Cheesecake, barbecue brisket and high calorie sausages, but the ban is a first step in the fight against obesity, and we’ll soon see what the positive effects, if any, are.

Via NY Times

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