When the owners of this Brooklyn duplex decided to add an additional children’s room to accommodate their growing family, it seemed inevitable that they would have to sacrifice the spacious feel of their loft-like apartment. But thanks to the creative ingenuity of the designers at Barker Freeman, no such trade-off was necessary. Barker Freeman’s solution was to create a “Floating Room Loft” – a partially glazed cube with sliding doors that creates a sectioned off space for the kids without breaking the visual connection between the two floors.

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To maintain the double-height feel of the apartment, the floating room was elevated 30 inches off of the upper floor, while the bottom gap was fitted with strips of glass. The long and horizontal glazed panels are repeated on the upper part of the added room to complete the illusion of a floating space. The glazed strips at the bottom of the cube overlook the downstairs living room.

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A sliding dark walnut door divides the children’s room from the existing space and is matched by a set of walnut stairs. The exterior of the floating room was kept white to match the interior furnishings such as the closet and table.

+ Barker Freeman Design Office

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Images via Barker Freeman Design Office