For many, there is no greater joy than sitting down and reading a great classic. Except, perhaps, enjoying it with a nice glass of booze. That’s the idea behind Brooklyn-based Bender Bound Booze Books. The creative team is repurposing old books into sophisticated spots for stashing your liquor. Talk about the perfect gift for the literary hoochhound in your life!

Bender Bound Booze Books

Each Bender Bound product is lovingly hand-crafted in the company’s Brooklyn shop. Once the books have been carved to fit their glass flasks, graphic designer Jude Landry creates custom covers such as ‘Wealth of Nations’ and ‘The Joy of Cooking’ so that readers can discreetly carry their libations. Currently, the team is working on old books disguised as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

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The product took off after being featured on the TODAY Show, and the team has since repurposed thousands of books to meet demand. To fund their work, the company has started a Kickstarter campaign and has already managed to surpass their goal by a whopping 533%!

Kevin Potere, founder of Booze Books, says the unique upcycled product provides more than just an intriguing gift idea, “Our books pay homage to some of the literary greats while instilling a bit of rebellion by helping our customers hide alcohol in plain sight.”

Since the campaign was so successful, their next selection of booze-hidden classics will be the complete collection of Edgar Allen Poe.

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