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In 2011, FIGMENT called upon Jones to try his hand at building a dream treehouse using recycled materials, and the first iteration of TreeHouse was born. Jones gathered his materials from places like BIG!NYC as well as from the streets of New York, and used FSC-certified lumber to construct the frame. TreeHouse Part I was a hit, but as you can see, it looked very different from what it is today!

For this year’s version, Jones decided to add on an extra shaded area as well as give the TreeHouse more personality with custom artwork. “We’ve reused the original structure for the 3rd year running and provided a new skin of doors from BIG!NYC again and this year we added another section called the Gazebo with a skin of old desk tops provided by Materials for the Arts,” Jones told us. “We also have artists in the TreeHouse this year.” Click here for more information about the featured artists.

Don’t forget to click through our gallery for a photo tour of all of the TreeHouse’s features or visit it for yourself on Governors Island (it will be open until September 22, 2013).

+ Benjamin Jones