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BIG designed West 57th for The Durst Organization, which is also responsible for the adjacent Helena residences (a LEED Gold-certified project). The design for West 57th emerged out of the European tradition of forming residential blocks around central courtyards, but was expanded upwards to meet the stature of surrounding high-rises. To ensure that all apartments enjoyed views of the water and access to sunlight, the southwest side of the building was slanted down to street level while the north east side is raised up. While we are all calling it a pyramid, it’s technically a tetrahedron.

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The 43-story tall building will feature retail on the entire bottom floor with 709 apartments above. The project will include affordable housing with 20% of them below market rates. Inside, residents can enjoy a 25-yard indoor swimming pool, a gym, a golf simulator, a screening room, a nautically themed residents’ lounge, and a nearly 300-car garage. Inside the central courtyard, tenants will be able to amble about in a 25,000-sq-ft urban park with rock outcroppings and winding paths. As with other Durst Organization properties, we expect West 57th to also meet a high standard of sustainable design and construction. With the exterior cladding going on now, we hope to see the building completed sometime in 2015.


+ The Durst Organization

Construction images by Wade Zimmerman, all other images © BIG.