Upper West Side bird lovers have gotten their feathers in a ruffle thanks to a ritzy condo’s plan to evict a pair of beloved peregrine falcons and their babies from the property. The endangered birds first took up residence on millionaire Steve Nis­lick’s penthouse window sill in 2010. Four years later, the condo board at 25 CPW is ready to oust the family of falcons, but many local animal lovers are calling fowl.

The falcon pair, known as Comet and Cruiser, built their nest on Nislick’s window sill overlooking Central Park. Soon after their arrival, Nislick built a 3-foot-wide nesting box to protect the birds and their eggs from inclement weather. After the hatchlings came in May of this year, Comet and Cruiser can be seen visiting their small brood every day.

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Although many have commended Nislick’s attempts to protect the birds and see the falcons as a nice addition to the neighborhood, some of the condo’s residents are none too pleased with their falcon-loving neighbor. Condo board president Mike Kelly explained to the NY Post that the nest violates a landmark law and prevents exterior renovations.

Today, there are only about 20 nesting pairs of peregrine falcons known to be in New York City after being nearly eradicated in the 60s. In order to save Comet and Cruiser and their two hatchlings from displacement, more than 4,200 people have signed a petition, which has been presented to the condo board.

Via NY Post

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