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If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind or custom pieces that no big box store could ever possibly replicate, then you will love Mark Jupiter’s work. A long time contributor to the DUMBO community, this talented artisan has a knack for finding the most extraordinary blocks of rare woods, which he then combines with other unusual materials.

Case in point: Jupiter built a table from rare Redwood harvested from a New York water tower. One of the most exquisite woods on earth but almost lost to us, it is exceptionally rare for anyone to own a piece made from this material. Adding to its natural beauty, Jupiter used translucent polished acrylic for its legs, giving this traditional design a marvelous modern twist. This is just one example taken from several storied pieces, so head on down to BKLYN Designs 2013 next month if you’d like to learn more.

+ Mark Jupiter