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Sorensen-Jolink founded Coil + Drift two years ago with the desire to explore ordinary objects in an extraordinary way. Using the woodworking skills he honed at Makeville Studios, Sorensen-Jolink creates home furnishings using reclaimed and FSC-certified sustainable wood. By using older materials like wood, iron, leather, brass, lacquer and steel, Coil + Drift focuses on adding character and history to every piece it makes.

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What’s more, the shop uses only environmentally safe stains and lacquers, many of which are handmade in house.  Sorensen-Jolink says he strives to find refreshing and energizing ways to combine age-old craftsmanship with modern form. Along with the standing desk, Coil + Drift creates a variety of crafted goods from shelving to tables, and even bicycle baskets. There’s still plenty more to check out from Coil + Drift, so stay tuned as we bring you love from BKLYN Designs 2014 starting May on 9th.

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