New York’s Transit Workers Union is dead tired of all of the subway accidents that have been occurring in the city, and yesterday they unleashed a campaign about a practice that could make trains a lot safer. As part of the effort, the union handed out “blood”-spattered MetroCards to straphangers outlining a plan to have trains slow down as they enter subway stations. Emblazoned with the Grim Reaper, the cards ask people to show support for slowed trains, which can give drivers just enough extra reaction time to prevent deaths on the tracks.

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The spooky MetroCards won’t get you a swipe, but they will explain the union’s slow-down plan. With subway deaths rising to 55 in 2012 (from 47 in 2011), the MTA is considering high-tech solutions to help prevent accidents. While these measures to aid our safety are definitely appreciated, they could also be costly, driving up subway fares.

The union’s slow-down solution, however, is quick, easy, and comes at no cost to the MTA. If trains were required to slow down just a little more when entering a station, conductors would have more time to react to a person or object on a track – hopefully allowing enough time to either stop or let the victim get out of the way. The MTA, however, argues that this practice could cause delays and crowd build up, which could cause further risk, not to mention the aggravation of riders.

The union also suggests bigger solutions like requiring agents monitor crowded platforms, as well as emergency track shut-off switches in station booths.

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