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Boards and Beans recently opened their showroom doors, to support their thriving online business. Believing that affordable furniture doesn’t have to come from IKEA, they created their line of eco-friendly, sustainable furniture, that is artisanally designed in house. What’s more is that Boards and Beans lets you feel like a real adult, by offering affordable custom furniture. In a city with small and oddly shaped apartments, custom furniture is a luxury that can make an apartment home.

Boards and Beans builds innovative furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. A range of beautiful platform beds in an array of rustic woods are particularly impressive, paired with matching dressers and nightstands in patches of reclaimed woods. Durable dining tables and media consoles are built to last, without wasting a single tree. Aside from incredibly timeless design, each piece of furniture also highlights the beauty of the source wood’s grain, reminding the piece’s owner of its historical past life.

The shop also echoes the artistic East Village scene. Passersby can stop in for fresh coffee, and an array of yummy vegan treats. The shop doubles as a vegan café, serving up cookies and cakes, as well as hosting regular coffee shop style vents, like poetry slams, DJ nights and live music.

Boards and Beans’ unique business model of eco friendly custom furniture coupled with sustainable coffee and treats is a welcome addition to the East Village.

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