Many New Yorkers were crushed by the news that Queens graffiti mecca 5 Pointz would be razed to make way for yet another condo development, and new renderings of the forthcoming complex are just adding insult to injury. New York YIMBY recently obtained the latest design plans for the rental towers replacing the formerly vibrant building, and they look about as interesting as a bag of rocks. Even more offensive, it seems that the space the developers promised to set aside for artists to use as a new canvas will barely even be visible.

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Aside from drawing in the 7 train tracks that will curve around the complex, the HTO Architect-designed building looks extremely dull. The new renderings also show a closer look at the building’s glassy exterior, which completely surrounds the base of the building leaving no space for graffiti artists to show their work.

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Instead of having the art featured prominently on the outside of the building, a representative from the design firm says the promised art studios and display space would be used as a shield to conceal the building’s garage. Worse yet, the garage itself will supposedly be practically invisible except from one dead-end street. Seeing as the developers, Jerry and David Witkoff, already dissed the artists once by white-washing the 5 Pointz building under the cover of night, we wouldn’t put it past them to try and hide the cultural history of this once iconic site.

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The only silver lining here is that the renovation might add 32,000 square feet of new public parks with 50,000 square feet of retail space. The two towers themselves are 1.2 million-square-feet in size and will add 1,000 new rental spaces, of which 200 units will be affordable.

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