Bushwick-based artist Mary Ivy Martin is taking New Yorkers to task for their use-it-and-lose-it attitude when it comes to Christmas trees. In an effort to repurpose discarded trees after the holidays, Martin picks them up off the street and transforms them into wearable art. Because, after all, why wear fur when you can wear fir?

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Although lugging a large tree on your back is no easy task, Martin wears her tree-coats in stride and with pride. She scours the city after the holidays looking for discarded trees to rescue and takes them back to her studio at the Chashama 266 gallery, where she uses chicken wire to give the forsaken trees a new form of life.

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Not only does Martin transform the trees into wearable art, she takes the process one step further to shame the culprits who abandoned their once-beloved conifers. After donning each arborous costume, Martin ceremoniously walks back to the original resting place where each tree was picked up in an attempt to show the neighbors what a little imagination, love, and chicken wire can do.

Martin’s exhibition “Arboreal Anxieties” will be on display at Chashama 266 until February 13th.

+ Mary Ivy Martin

Via Time Out

Photographs: Mary Ivy Martin