It seems like Brooklyn-based Fall On Your Sword was unable to stop once they popped, because they recently built a functioning pipe organ out of colorful Pringles cans! Inspired by the bone organ in the cult classic movie “The Goonies,” the artists collective used Original, Sour Cream and Onion, and Tortilla flavor chip cans to create a makeshift organ that plays ten notes just like a real instrument. The Pringles Organ made its debut at Gawker’s fourth annual Silent Disco, which was held at the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank.

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Armed with box cutters and hot glue, the artists of Fall on Your Sword set out to make a functioning instrument out of the dozens of Pringles cans. The collective used 250 cans, which they cut and glued to make the organ’s “pipes.”

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Cut at an angle, the colorful cans were then affixed together in an arch to make the top of the organ and were then connected to springs to make the piece interactive. Fans were also inserted into the cans to be triggered by the springs, which were attached to “keys”- also made of Pringles cans. Once pressed, the keys prompted previously recorded organ tones to play and resonate through the metal-lined cardboard cans.

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And if you’re wondering what happened to all of the chips that were inside of the cans, most of them were actually eaten by Fall On Your Sword, but the leftovers were rustled together and recorded to make an accompanying sound to go with the tones played on the Pringles Organ.

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