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“Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride”, JFK is noted as having said, and urban cyclists do agree. Based on the classic design of the Dutch bike, while featuring the stable smooth ride by hybrid bikes, the vintage inspired bicycle company has been named one of Business Insiders 50 coolest New Businesses, noted for their elegant styles and affordable prices (2013 models start at $399.00). The company also offers beautiful accessories like a Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate to make their commuter bikes even more practical for the urban landscape.

Brooklyn Cruiser will be releasing the new model for sale in the MoMa Design Store and catalog this February (and in a bright cherry red color that paints it a perfect valentines day gift). The limited edition MoMA model will be outfitted with an internal three speed hub, preconditioned leather saddle and grips, cream tires, step through frame, and signature wooden crate.

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