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The new venue marks Brooklyn Industries’ fourteenth store, and continues their dedication to sustainability. The company upcycled their own garbage for much of the construction of the interior. Scores of their disused shipping pallets were recycled into building fixtures, leaving only six sheets of sheetrock purchased for the construction completion.

The store’s furnishings were all found objects or from second hand stores. Quirky mismatched tables, shelves and drawers add a vintage aesthetic. Reclaimed wood was used to construct wall shelving for clothing displays, while other found trinkets were placed on shelves throughout the store. A slew of old full length mirrors were fitted together in a pattern, forming a giant wall installation just outside of the dressing room. The building’s original historic tin ceiling is in a state of decay, but rather than tear it down, the company installed clear plastic panels throughout the store, so that a glimpse of Greenpoint history can be seen by all who visit.

The most impressive feature of the new store is not its vintage-themed interior, but instead its incredible utilization of 100% wind power! The clothing retailer truly shows its commitment to the environment and sustainability by sourcing its power entirely from renewable energy.

You can find the Greenpoint location of Brooklyn Industries at 658 Manhattan Avenue.

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Images © Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat