Fed-up residents in Williamsburg and Greenpoint hit the streets Batman-style last week to protest the long-overdue Bushwick Inlet Park they were promised 10 years ago. It’s now been more than a decade after Mayor Bloomberg committed to building the 28-acre park on the North Brooklyn waterfront, but little work has been done to complete the project. To call out the frustrating lack of progress, local residents used a tech projector to illuminate large protest messages asking Mayor de Blasio to address the issue.

Bushwick Inlet Park Protest at Citistorage in Williamsburg from Gothamist on Vimeo.

The park was part of a 2005 compromise between Mayor Bloomberg and locals who were unhappy about the luxury condos that were slated to be built in the same area. However, the project quickly stalled as city officials cited lack of funds needed to purchase the 12 acres owned by the CitiStorage facility’s proprietor.

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In what thus far appears to be an odd coincidence, the CitiStorage building burned down last month due to a six alarm fire, prompting the frustrated residents to fear that the newly available land would be rebuilt with even more unwanted luxury condos. To raise the alarm about the issue, concerned residents decided to project a 30-foot-tall message on the building’s charred facade pressuring Mayor de Blasio to finally make good on his predecessor’s promise and complete the park.

“The city seems to be hoping we won’t notice that they’re essentially trying to steal a 28 acre park from this community,” said Jens Rasmussen, a 19-year Greenpoint resident. “So we’re going to drag this issue into the light. Literally.”

The protest also called for supporters to attend a City Hall Rally slated to take place at 1 p.m. on March 12th.

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