Residents in East New York, Brooklyn have a new place to shop for their eggs without having to step foot inside of a grocery store or bodega. Instead, members of the recently unveiled El Jardin del Pueblo – a community garden project spearheaded by GrowNYC – can pick up fresh, organic eggs directly from one of the 25 donated heirloom chickens that have made a home in the newly established garden.

El Jardin del Pueblo Community Garden

With the help of volunteers from Timberland, Bank of America and Swiss Re, GrowNYC was able to clear three vacant lots owned by NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The garden was made possible by the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, which acquired a temporary license to use the affordable housing site for urban agriculture.

Volunteers installed landscape fabric, mulch, picnic tables, 30 raised garden beds and rainwater systems. The newly transformed space now serves as a hub for agriculture, community building, preservation, and – you guessed it – eggs! The garden affectionately boasts a sign naming it  “The People’s Garden” with a mantra that proudly proclaims “Our Work is our Food.”

Via GrowNYC

Images: GrowNYC