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Bushwick Inlet Park has been an emotional roller coaster ride for Greenpoint and Williamsburg denizens, who were promised a new outdoor space by Mayor Bloomberg back in 2005. Since then, the area saw an influx of residents, but the project was stalled for some time due to a lack of funding. Later, the city sent out a call for developers’ proposals to purchase air rights on Commercial St. in Brooklyn to raise more cash to complete the park.

Designed by Kiss and Cathcart Architects, the park has a multi-purpose athletic field, a building for community facilities and park operations and a waterfront area wit a pebble beach, a freshwater pool and a grassy hill. The 15,530 sq. ft. facilities building boasts a 70 kW solar canopy above its upper plaza that the architects project will be able to provide over half of the building’s energy needs. The structure will also feature a high-performance building envelope and systems that will save approximately 34% of energy compared to ASHRAE 90/1-2004 baseline. In addition to creating an eye-catching design detail, the vertical louvers on the outside of the building will provide shading and roof overhangs and the insulating green roof will also work to naturally cool the interior of the building. The structure’s heating and AC will be provided via ground source heat pumps.

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