North Brooklyn’s Bushwick Inlet Park saga may seem never-ending, but the project is now a significant step closer to fruition. According to Brownstoner, New York City recently purchased the Bayside Oil Fuel Depot Corp lot that was earmarked to make up a portion of the park area. It’s a significant victory for those who have been working for nearly 10 years to convince the city to fulfill their promise of building the waterfront park.

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Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents have been waiting on Bushwick Inlet Park for close to a decade after reaching a deal with the city to rezone the waterfront to allow for residential development in exchange for a vibrant 28-acre public green space. As time has passed, however, passion for the unrealized park has grown into all-out activism, with countless creative attempts by residents to spur the city into finally keeping its word.

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Although the recent purchase is certainly a step in the right direction, the fight for the promised park land is far from over considering that much of the proposed park space is still under private ownership. Co-chair of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park Steve Chesler explained that the group is encouraged by the newly purchased land, but ready to push for more. “We’re very happy [and] grateful that another parcel of the park is under city ownership,” Chesler said. “But there’s still 11-acres to go.”

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