Brooklyn’s Aelfie Design Studio has made a business out of transforming old t-shirts into super-soft, one-of-a-kind rugs. Designed by Joedega, the colorful, hand-woven rugs and mats are recycled from dozens of shredded shirts. The unique mats can be found at Aelfie’s Bushwick showroom, along with a collection of vintage carpets and a friendly, in-store cat.

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We all have old t-shirts that end up being used for workout clothes, rags or just taking up space in our wardrobes. Playing on the softness of our favorite well-worn tees, Aelfie upcycles t-shirts that have seen better days into colorful mats that are comfy to the touch. Each of the multi-colored mats transforms thirty to forty out of style t-shirts into a new mat that is perfect for next to your bed, underfoot in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Because they are made from t-shirts, the mats are easily washable – just pop them in the wash and hang dry to retain its shape.

Evoking the hand-woven pot holders we all made as kids, the large-weave mats come in chaotic colors or patterns, some still bearing the prints from the t-shirts they were sourced from. Each mat is like a little slice of history, given new life in a domestic light.

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