According to a new report by DNA Info, more than two dozen NYC buildings are still illegally burning No. 6 oil, although the harmful sludge-like oil was banned under the Bloomberg administration in 2010. Despite building owners having years to switch over to cleaner oils, 26 buildings have been found to be currently using the illegal substance, including the Coach HQ and a luxury Fifth Avenue building.

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Under the terms of the law, all NYC buildings had until June 30, 2015 to convert from using No. 6 oil to cleaner oils. The sludge-like oil is collected from the bottom of oil barrels and has been found to be quite harmful to the environment. Additionally, the air pollution associated with No. 6 can irritate the respiratory system, aggravating health conditions such as asthma and even increasing the risk of heart attacks.

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According to the Department of Environmental Protection, since the first No.6 oil permits expired, the organization has issued 2,036 violations and 162 cease-and-desist notices out of original 5,300 buildings that were found to be still burning the pollution-causing oil.

In addition to the 26 law-breaking buildings, an additional 58 buildings in the city are operating on court-ordered oil-conversion timelines or have recently requested an exception from the DEP granting them more time to convert to a cleaner oil.

Via DNA Info

map image via DNA Info