This month, celebrate the No Impact Project’s Give Back Days in the streets of Manhattan with Walk/Ride Day! On November 18th, join your fellow New Yorkers for a celebration of alternative transportation. Participants can sign up to commit to a day of green transportation — riding a bike, walking, or public transportation. After a day of reducing your own carbon emissions, meet up and discuss with new friends, including No Impact Man Colin Beavan, who will be joining the party at Luca Bar.

Participants are also invited to attend the Transportation Conference earlier that day, hosted by Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer. Bust out your favorite green outfit, and take a walk over to the No Impact Project’s Walk/Ride day. The meet-up will take place at Luca Bar at 7pm on November 18th. Wear green to get deals at local businesses and meet likeminded new friends!

Get more information about the event here.

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Image © Payton Chung