You’ve probably seen them buzzing around Central Park: those garbage carts used to pick up the park’s trash. Until now, those city employees in their carts have been puttering around 7 days a week, keeping the park clean, but emitting tons of carbon into the city’s atmosphere. But this week, a fleet of shiny new electric vehicles will descend on the park to help keep both it and the city’s air a bit cleaner.

Keeping Clean NYC, Central Park
Recently the Central Park Conservancy unveiled a new, smartly designed fleet of eco-friendly, electric-powered carts to assist in the around-the-clock maintenance of the park. Much cleaner than the gas-guzzling carts that have been used until now, the new carts can easily maneuver throughout the Park’s fields and meadows without leaving a puff of pollution it their wake. The 52 carts will help the workers who are out there 24 hours a day all year round to keep the park nearly spotless.

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Nearly 42 million people visit Central Park every year. In order to provide the public a clean and tidy expanse of green, the Conservancy and their staff have become efficient, if not often unsung, leaders in trash management. The new carts are just a step in a long-line of changes being made to make the park cleaner, greener and better.

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Via New York Times

Images courtesy of Segd, lead image via Central Park Conservancy