Cellphone dead? No sweat. Head on over to Street Charge, a group of solar-powered phone charging stations in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and juice it back up for free. Implemented by Pensa, a Dumbo-based design group, the impromptu USB charging stations are located at the Pearl Street Triangle Plaza and allow full phone charges in minutes while you beat the summer heat under cheery sunbrellas. Combine that with Dumbo’s free neighborhood wifi, outdoor seating, and fantastic views of the city, who would ever want to work indoors again?

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Pensa created the Street Charge unit as a way for city-dwellers to transform their every day surroundings into tiny urban oases. In the original design, a piece of reclaimed wood acts as a handy shelf while a compartment containing a USB jack attaches to any pole. A solar lamp hangs above, collecting the sun’s rays to juice up smart phones in a matter of minutes. The modular design was slightly altered to accomodate the plaza and its many visitors.

Have no fear on rainy days either! The Pearl Street stations can hold 15 hours of energy even when the sun isn’t shining. While Dumbo is the first neighborhood to have a free solar stations of this kind on its streets, Pensa is ready and willing to spread the charge around town and across the country.

+ Pensa

via Brokelyn