When the owners of the 414 Hotel decided to renovate their 22-room boutique hotel located in Midtown Manhattan, they were looking to implement sustainable and energy-efficient features, but also wanted to ensure a healthy environment and positive energy flow for guests. Thanks to a group of interior designers from EcoChi, the intimate hotel will soon be converted into a unique Feng Shui-guided design that encompasses an amazing array of green and wellness-boosting features.

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EcoChi is a contemporary interior design studio that “meticulously blends green practices with environmental psychology and classical feng shui.” Their mission with the 414 Hotel design is to use these concepts to deliver beautiful and sustainable design concepts.

The first step in making the new hotel feng shui-ready was to do a Lao Pan Compass Reading. This evaluation revealed that the building was located in an earth energy direction and became the foundation for the EcoChi renovation. According to feng shui principles, the grounding earth energy is beneficial to creating a relaxing sanctuary for guests and will drive the design to provide a tranquil, green retreat from the hectic rat race of the city. Building on this atmosphere of tranquillity and escapism, the interior design will focus on creating a feeling of wellness and harmony for guests and employees alike.

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Along with the feng shui focus,  the makeover will see an implementation of a serious level of environmental integrity throughout the hotel. The building will boast green, sustainable features such as energy-efficient appliances, non-toxic green cleaning products, reusable dining ware, sustainable furniture, and an impressive 100% LED lighting throughout the building.

After the EcoChi makeover, the 414 Hotel will be the first hotel in Manhattan to be awarded the EcoChi® 180° Seal. This certification is proof that the hotel has met the eighteen comprehensive guidelines in the areas of Sustainability, Classical Feng Shui and Environmental Psychology.

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